Are you curious about the unexplored parts of yourself and your life purpose? Explore who you are and how your life story connects to a deeper dimension of yourself, others, and the universe.


Half-day workshops and 3-week courses provide the opportunity for spiritual reflection, awareness and growth that build on one another.

Our core strength is rooted in spirituality, simplicity and reflection. Exploring the challenges of life, we embrace spiritual connection and transformation in the Divine presence already within us. We look beyond boundaries and across horizons to offer hope and love.

We offer this gift to all people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, faith traditions, sexual orientation, gender identity and religious practices. Registration required for all courses.

Learn a little, connect a lot


Practical Spirituality- Work Life Balance

~Awareness, Intention Practice

January 19, 2019 (9am-1pm), Iliff School of Theology (COMPLETED)

Feeling connected with one’s complete self, others, and the entire universe contributes to interconnectedness. When you’re able to bring your whole self to your life work, you’re can bring your creativity, emotions and intelligence to be more productive. We will focus on key elements of spirituality that include:

  •  Overcoming disconnection

  •  Working and living from a place of abundance

  • Overcoming the attachment/addiction to work

  • Working and living more simply

  • Balancing work with rest and relaxation 


Practical Spirituality- Growing Up

~Awareness, Intention, Compassion

February 16, 2019 (9am-12pm), Iliff School of Theology (COMPLETED)

What matters most in my life?  What is of ultimate concern? Addressing the spiritual stages of development helps us to better understand where we are coming from. We hear, see and experience the world through the lens of the level or stage in which we currently reside. We will focus on:

  • The levels of spiritual development- from survival to creatively adapting to reality

  • What moves us from level to level on the spiritual path


Practical Spirituality- Technology’s Impact

~Awareness, Intention, Connection

April 27,2019 (9am-12:00pm), Iliff School of Theology ($40)

The future of wholeness, being spiritual inside and out, is shaped by modern science that reveals spirituality at deeper levels. Science and spirituality are complimentary disciplines that, when integrated, can lead to deeper levels of knowledge, wisdom, understanding and compassion. We will explore the ways in which cell phones, computers, technology and science give new insights to our spiritual journeys. We will explore:

  • How worldviews impact and influence spirituality

  • Dynamic shifts in science and spirituality

  • How chaos and mystery impact our life


Practical Spirituality- In Search of Wholeness

~Awareness, Intention, Wholeness


Looking back on what we have learned from life and others, our experiences or lack of experience shape who we are. We seek spiritual insights to live in a world of judgment, comparison, and competition.  To live a life of compassion, mindfulness, and wholeness, we will explore:

  • Issues relating to our self

  • Our own life’s journey

  • Our relationships with others

  • The world around us

“The horizon is the edge of what is known

and the imagination of what lies beyond.”

-Robert, 2018