Restoring Wounded Souls

Understanding moral stress and our bodies

We experience moral stress from conflicts in our core values and beliefs. When we don’t feel spiritually authentic it creates moral stress and spiritual wounds that are experienced in our bodies. We will explore the various ways we experience moral stress in our bodies, the kinds of emotions moral stress generates, and the values and beliefs that often go with moral stress. 

How Spiritual Practices Help

We share spiritual practices that help to experience compassion and make good decisions about how to live out our core values and beliefs.

March 2, 2019, Iliff School of Theology, 9am-12pm, $40

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Honoring Life Transitions

Many of us go through life challenges and transitions that are unacknowledged or unexpressed that often include grief and loss.  Become aware of your inner journey and the need to observe, validate, and honor transitions in life such as miscarriage, divorce, breakup, relocation, job or vocation change, body change, fresh starts, new beginnings and letting go of the past that can hold you back from feeling fully alive.

Learn to create your own way of honoring your authentic self and find meaning in your transitions in life that may include others or just yourself.

These workshops can also be customized to your group or organization and available to come to you.

Facilitated by Katherine Flahive

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Please contact Katherine at katherine.flahive@gmail.com for more information.