• We have a life story that is authentic and uniquely our own. Our stories provide a framework of our reality. When we become aware of our story in a broader horizon, our shared stories transcend a particular time and space so others experience them too.

  • The spiritual journey invites us to deeper awareness of our own life and provides a compass for guidance when the unknown or life happens.

  • When we see all of life as a gift, we’re invited to focus on cultivating a compassionate heart through relationships and love.

  • Slowing down and tuning in to our inner self, we’re able to notice and experience the inner movements of what many call God (Sacred, Divine, Light, Love) in our lives.

  • Building bridges fosters heart connection recognizing that we all have much to learn from one another.

  • Spiritual presence and reflection encourages transformation of the heart, mind and body that can lead to the action of love and peace in this world.

  • Whether or not you are or have an affiliation with a religious organization or have been turned off by one, you are welcomed into a safe, confidential, open and affirming presence.

“By discovering who I am as a whole person- both good and the bad- I’m understanding myself in an entirely new, entirely authentic way.
Increased self-awareness and self-confidence on a deep level allows me to listen more openly to new ways that support my journey to understanding my true self and how I relate to others.”

— Shannon, Boulder, CO, 2017